Zynga poker scam

zynga poker scam

"I mean we gave our users poker chips if they downloaded this zwinky The Zynga CEO has since vowed to remove these scams, because he. Ashley Mitchell broke into Zynga's mainframe, transferred chips from with his own Facebook poker site called Gambino, which could earn him. Zynga have players working for them to take your chips. I sent this video to them and they have done nothing. Categories Recent Discussions Activity Best Of To basically reset my device, or they are aware of the problem and a fix is coming. These guys repeatedly calls a huge bet on the FLOP with nothing or a low pair betting made by me sitting with a strong hand, like a setthen calls another huge bet on TURN sachen verkaufen im internet a slightly improved hand, like a gutshot or a two-pair and finally on RIVER they hit me with an all-in when they complete their straight or full house. Alternatively, you may call us at They would need to be licensed by a third party, and you would then seek redress with that third party. zynga poker scam

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One million tourney the server booted me out and poof there goes my million chips. Daniel of Fort Lee, NJ on June 25, If you suspect a real money site of cheating, you would need to work with the licensing party for that site. I have played Zynga Poker for several years, but have had suspicions in the past and quit playing for extended periods of time, only to start playing again. I have many screenshots to prove this. There were multiple complaints filed on that online site and then a new version was released that eliminated the tendencies.


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